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RSM Federal - 7 Week FastTrack Course To Win Government Contracts

7 Week FastTrack | RSM Federal

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Getting government contracts requires education, training, templates, and a solid sales action plan. Getting government contracts is making sure that you target the right government agencies, properly communicate your value, and understand the intricacies of the government procurement process.


RSM Federal’s 7 Week FastTrack gives you a stepped and structured sales approach that is tailored to your company and the products or services you sell.


FastTrack is recommended for companies that have been trying to win government contracts; or have won one or two contracts, and are still struggling to build a consistent and reliable process for getting government contracts. FastTrack is highly recommended for companies that have never sold to the government and want every strategy, template, and step-by-step process for getting government contracts.


Twice as Much Value at 1/2 the Cost

Like all of RSM Federal’s products, programs, and services, we provide a level of education and training that is unmatched by other companies and programs. We guarantee you’ll get twice as much value at half the cost of what other companies will charge you. There’s a reason why RSM Federal was awarded one of the “50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year” by Silicon Review.


Most Valuable Government Sales Training We’ve Ever Received

We Learned More in TWO Days with RSM Federal than years with other well-respected and well-known experts. Joshua Frank and his team at RSM Federal are the real deal. If you want to win more government contracts, RSM Federal is the best I’ve ever seen.”  Click here for more testimonials
Stephanie Parson, President, Crowned Grace International




Deliverables – What You Get 

In addition to calls and training each week, when the course is complete you also receive a coaching session each month for the next three months. That’s seven weeks plus three months of ongoing support. The following deliverables are provided during each of the seven weeks:


  • Week 1 – Discussion and Discovery. It’s important that we understand who you are, your company, what you do, your understanding of the market, and to set expectations for the rest of the course. We’ll discuss where you are, your objectives, and ensure we have the necessary information to initiate an analysis of the company, the market, and your past experience. We’ll close Week 1 with your login and password to the Federal Access Platform which will provide you with every template and step-by-step strategy you’ll use to win government contracts. 
  • Week 2 – Before week 2, RSM Federal will perform a complete analysis of the company and the government based on what you sell. We’ll identify who buys what you sell, how much they buy, and how often they buy it. We will discuss more than a dozen government online systems, what value they provide, and how and when you will use them. We’ll then continue our discussion on your past experience / past performance and discuss how to quantify and qualify the value your products and services provide. 
  • Week 3 – We’ll focus on marketing. There are four core areas we will discuss. We will outline what you need to do and provide recommendations and templates to simplify and accelerate the process. We will discuss if you’re small business, 8a, WOSB, VOSB, SDVOSB, HubZone, ANC, or Native American. We will discuss how to softly communicate your status(s) in order to differentiate and facilitate a stronger position in the market.
  • Week 4 – You know who buys what you sell and who to target. You have a marketing roadmap. In Week 4, we focus on techniques and strategies for priming and subcontracting. Heavy emphasis will be placed on basic and advanced teaming strategies. You’ll learn how to convince larger companies to put you on their team. You’ll learn how to be more competitive. We’ll finish Week 4 with a plan on how many and the type of companies you need to engage in the coming year.
  • Week 5 – Week 5 is the first of two weeks where we focus on prospecting, business development, and sales. We’ll discuss the government’s acquisition cycle; acquisition versus pre-acquisition; types of contracts; IDIQs, MACs, and MATOCs; and the three prospecting methods that will primarily use.
  • Week 6 – This entire session focuses on the three prospecting methods we outlined in Week 5. You’ll receive recommendations on what to do and how to position for competitive advantage. We’ll discuss your pipeline; your sales goals; how many opportunities you need; and much more. We close this session with an initial foundation that we’ll use to complete your sales action plan.
  • Week 7 – Sales Action Plan. Week 7 brings all the previous sessions into a cohesive plan that you understand how to implement. This includes your sales targets, your pipeline, your marketing strategy, and your teaming strategy. 
  • Next 3 Months – Each month for the next three months we’ll schedule a 45 minute coaching session to discuss your progress and any question that you have. 


Significant, Effective, and Proven Concepts & Strategies

Ask any of our Clients and they will tell you they are successful because of how RSM Federal integrates advanced-level training and strategies into every product, program, and service. When we are asked, “What is the most important thing we can do to win government contracts?” The answer is:

  • The ability to communicate the value of what you sell
  • How to differentiate from the competition
  • How to position your past performance / past contracts
  • 80% focus during pre-acquisition
  • Collecting information and intelligence to be more competitive; and
  • Techniques and step-by-step strategies to influence the acquisition


“The Professor” of Government Sales

I can honestly say that Joshua Frank is the “The Professor” of government sales. The value he provides and the return is “YUGE.” It’s an inspiring combination of government and business acumen. There is no question that RSM Federal can help accelerate your revenue.  Click here for more testimonials
Terry Imergoot, VP Sales, Inc. 500 Company