National Government Conferences and Training Sessions

Over the past decade, RSM Federal's team has been honored to provide some of the most valuable, educational, relevant, and thought-provoking training sessions at many of our nation's largest government conferences. In most cases, our training sessions and keynotes are rated the #1 session at each event.


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Best Session I've Ever Attended
I've been in business for 10 years, including being an Inc. 500 winner and this is the best session I have ever attended!  John Coster, Shoulder2Shoulder Inc.

Federal Access Program - How To Win Government Contracts - RSM Federal - Government Conferences

The Information Was SO On Point! (Former Acquisition Officer for DOE)
As a former Federal contracting officer with over 16 years of experience across the spectrum of contracting (services, commodities, constructions, R&D, etc.) I have sat through countless training sessions in many venues. Now as a business owner, I recently found myself at a conference where RSM Federal was presenting information in a breakout session titled, “How to Competitively Respond to Sources Sought (SS) and Influence the Acquisition.” While there were other breakout sessions to choose from, this one intrigued me because so many times I’ve sat through similar presentations where the “expert” portrayed the purpose of market research completely wrong and left the audience worse off than had they not attended.

I wanted to attend this session so that if bad information was shared I could potentially provide an alternative viewpoint. However, the information RSM Federal presented was so on point, I left there after a one-hour presentation having learned something new myself, even with my many years of experience.

RSM Federal was able to accurately hit on a lot of what motivates the government when issuing sources sought notices and requests for information and how best to take advantage of those from a business perspective. In addition to the excellent information provided, there is very clearly a passion for helping businesses navigate the Federal procurement process which really facilitated a lively and interactive discussion. No doubt, ANYONE who employs the services of RSM Federal will be far better off for doing so!”!

Charles Hargett, Procurement Advisors (Former Director EERE Acquisition Office at the Department of Energy (DOE)

Josh's training sessions have been the number one bright spot of this entire conference. The specific knowledge imparted in 30 minutes is spectacular. As a new company operating on a state level and looking to break into federal acquisitions, this session was the most informative I attended at the National Veterans Small Business Conference. Joshua is the guy!  Jeff Stringer, TriTek Solutions

Best Presentation I Have Ever Seen - Creative and Inspiring!
Best presentation I have ever seen at government conferences! Actually, I chose to attend this session twice today! There was so much valuable information, I wanted to make sure I received ALL the information. Sharing strategies opened my mind to other possibilities that I didn't know were possible. This session was not a check-the-block class that can be researched online or through regulations; the approach was creative and inspiring! Lisa Belcastro, LR General Solutions

BEST Seminar I Have Seen In 13 Years!
The best presentation at the 2013 National Veterans Small Business Conference. Your presentation on how to seek business with the Feds was the best I have seen in 13 years of hearing how to do business with government. I wish every small business could see it. It would have saved me hundreds of hours it took to learn how it really functions. And your comments about putting the SDVOSB or whatever designation last are right on, its time for some tough talk with small business about what it really takes to do business with any government agency.

John Robbins, Carpenter / Robbins Commercial Real-Estate

6 Government Conferences - Most Informative Session I've EVER Attended
A fast moving and informative session presented by a motivated speaker. I've been to six National Veterans Small Business Conferences and this was one of the most informative sessions I've ever attended.
David Holman, Northeast Technologies Inc.

You Need A Larger Audience!
A great session! Valuable and real-time info that I can use now. Excellent presentation skills. The Department of Veterans Affairs needs to give you more time and a larger audience!  Jim Krulic, Siege Enterprises

Provided Critical Information
This was the MOST informative session I attended at the National Veterans Conference. The specific guidance on expectations of large primes you provided was critical.  John Penders, Mainsail Group Inc.

I Made A Mistake!
I came to the session late. . . judging by the last ten minutes of the session, I made a mistake by not attending the entire session!! Sarah Cole, O'Brien Engineering Inc.

Best Session at the National Veterans Small Business Conference!
This was the best session at the National Veterans Small Business Conference. The presenter was fantastic! I loved the information! I will definitely use it to further my business."  Mary Gillam, M2G Dynamic Leadership

Most Informative Session at Government Conferences
Excellent presentation and very informative. It was the most informative session at the conference!
Steve Estwick, TM3 Solutions

Making My Company More Competitive
Joshua was fantastic! He has so much knowledge and advice that he willingly and passionately shares. Because of Joshua's advice, I am going to submit my 8(a) application with confidence! Thanks to this session, I have information I can use to make my company more competitive when teaming. . . wonderful!  Veronica Lane, WJM Professional Services

Strongest Training Sessions at National Government Conferences
Mr. Frank presented concepts and ideas in a new way with passion and energy. . . actually, this session was the strongest training session at the National Veterans Small Business Conference. Thank you for a real practical presentation with thoughtful and logical reasoning to modify behavior for real results.  Randy Quan, Purple Shovel  Randy Quan, Purple Shovel

The BEST Government Sales Session I Have Ever Attended
Very informative session. The BEST government sales session at government conferences I have ever attended. Looking forward to speaking after the conference in the coming days.  Randy Arthungal, RBCI

Delivered on ALL Points Promised
Excellent presentation! Delivered on ALL points promised. Mr. Frank is obviously passionate about what he does and is extremely knowledgeable. He presents ideas and strategies in a way that is interesting and easy to comprehend. Excellent and specific examples of what to do and how to do it. I can use many of the examples verbatim in communications with future teaming partners.  Jennifer Thornbury, Cosmedent

One of the Strongest Government Sessions
The session on government prospecting was very informative and provided me with better insights on targeting my prospects. It was one of the strongest government sessions I attended at the National Veterans Small Business Conference and other government conferences.  Ayanna Green-Garret, US2

A Perspective I Understand - Executive Sales
I've been in sales for thirty years in the private sector. I just launched my SDVOSB with four executive sales reps on my team and we recognized the need for understanding how to engage with the government and prime contractors. This session was right on point in helping me to understand how to best position us, especially from a perspective I understand - executive sales. Greatly appreciated!  Michael Schuler, Veterans Alliance Resourcing

More Than An Outstanding Presentation
Mr. Frank provided a more than outstanding presentation, streamlining winning contract strategies, what to focus on, and where not to spend a lot of time. This session was a major value added benefit.  Joseph Stone, J&E Stone Enterprises

These Techniques Will Allow My Business To Become Relevant
Josh provided me with specific information that I needed to become a strategic small business owner. More specifically, I've learned techniques that will allow my business to become relevant!  Joseph Jones, Strike First Security Labs

More Feedback

Great techniques for working with large businesses!  Al Osborne, Tepa LLC

Great session! What I already knew was reinforced; what I didn't I'm taking with me!  Pat Regan, ATSI

I liked the presentation and how you made a point with one slide then overlaid the next slide to bolster the point and drive it home! Well done!  Paul Carter, Paul J. Carter APC

Outstanding presentation! I need to know all that you said. It will make a difference.  Rich Gaudio, Gaudio BD

Great, useful advice we can directly apply to our operations. This information immediately benefits the attendees!  Jon Wroblewski, Delphi Consulting

Very useful information! Thank you very much! I personally appreciate you staying until the last day of the conference!  Jose Tollinchi, Integrative Consulting Solutions

This session will change how I do follow-up emails from this conference. The communications discussion [for teaming with another company] was the best part.  Al Osborne, Tepa LLC

An excellent, jam-packed session.  Reid Johnson, Business Boot Camp

After three years of working VOSB contracts, you have clarified some of the unnecessary avenues we have taken and helped me identify exactly where I need to concentrate my efforts.  Bob Bertrand, Precision Turbines

The session was extremely helpful! Especially the slides that identified the weak, viable, and strong prospecting methods. It was also interesting to learn about the amount of spend by the various agencies.  Brian Burkett, GNC Consulting

Excellent session - only recommendation would be to have a contracting officer or buyer co-present - because they would benefit from your presentation! Thanks Josh, you rock!  Dee St. Cyr, Caddo Solutions

Information in this session contradicted information in a session I attended an hour earlier. My experience tells me that your information was more realistic, especially the focus on teaming, how to access the customer, and leapfrogging once I'm in the agency. Thanks for this vital information!  Paula Shaw, WJM Professional Services 

The session on government prospecting was enlightening, providing new approaches to doing business with the government and private sectors. Thanks Joshua!  Wendell Niles, Niles Advertising and Display Solutions