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RSM Federal helps companies obtain Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) in order to bid on government contracts with the Department of Defense and U.S. Federal Agencies. We have one of the strongest experts in the country for GSA Schedule services. We have helped hundreds of companies get their schedule, add or delete products or services, negotiate economic price adjustments (EPA), and a myriad of other modifications.


GSA Schedule contracts are used for commercial off the shelf (COTS) products and services. A Schedule is valid for 20 years with a 5 year base period and 3 five year option periods. The government buys approximately 10% of all products and services on schedule, more than $60 billion each year. A standard GSA Schedule contract application can be anywhere from fifty to several hundred pages. RSM Federal manages the application process. Putting together your GSA Schedule application is a four step process that includes system setup, section development, submission with price negotiation, and award.


We help you identify which special item numbers (SIN) you require under the VA or consolidated schedule programs – based on the products and services you sell. We’ll collect your corporate information, past contract data, and pricing data to include how you discount. When complete, we’ll provide you with the entire packet for review prior to submission.

Only RSM Federal

When you choose RSM Federal, we help educate and train your company so you hit the ground running before and after your GSA Schedule contract is awarded. When you work with us, you also get training resources, templates, and step-by-step strategies for marketing, prospecting, sales, teaming, proposals, and operations. You receive a copy of the Government Sales Manual and membership to the award-winning Federal Access program. 


These resources have helped companies win more than $2.8 Billion in government contracts. 50% of companies obtain a GSA Schedule contract and then fail to successfully use it. When you work with RSM Federal, you’ll have much more than a GSA Schedule contract. You’ll have the award-winning tactics and strategies you need to successfully take advantage of your schedule. Federal Access is our flagship platform. If you’re unfamiliar with Federal Access, learn more here.

Process & Timeline

With few exceptions, it takes one (1) year to submit and obtain a GSA Schedule. The clock starts when your schedule packet has been submitted to GSA. In more than 30 years, we have only seen a handful of companies accelerate this timeline. These companies either had a contracting officer contact GSA (which is very unusual) or an agency required immediate award of a schedule due to “threat of life.” To set accurate expectations, plan three months for RSM Federal to help put your packet together and twelve months from submission to award. Be cautious when companies tell you they can accelerate this timeline. 


Successful completion of your application is the result of steady collaboration between RSM Federal and your company. The process is designed to be as unobtrusive and low-impact as possible. The GSA Schedule contract application is no different than any other company project. Below is a high-level list of the four phases:


Phase 1 – Kickoff and Setup

  • Obtain a digital certificate
  • Collect corporate, contract, and pricing information
  • The Government Sales Manual

Phase 2 – Proposal

  • Administrative section
  • Technical section
  • Pricing section

Phase 3 – Submission

  • eOffer Submittal
  • Respond to government questions
  • Price negotiation

Phase 4 – Award

We Qualify Every Company

The practice of qualifying a company for the GSA Schedule contract is not a common practice. This is because there are many companies offering application services that have never worked in the federal space and don’t understand government sales. Most small businesses receive two or three emails every week from these “sweat shops” identifying themselves as “government experts” selling “application services” with a promise to help you market and use the schedule. Unfortunately, every year, hundreds of small businesses pay for these services and walk away with a schedule that isn’t competitive or they have no idea how to use it.  


Many companies provide GSA Schedule contract application services. . . and nothing else. Many don’t understand how to sell to the government, how to successfully use the schedule, or the techniques and strategies required to win a contract. Several years ago, one of the largest GSA Schedule contract application companies in the country changed its name more than ten times due to complaints. When you work with RSM Federal, you know you’re getting more than just a schedule.


We will only help your company get a schedule after first validating that your company is authorized to obtain a schedule and that obtaining a schedule is in your best interests. We’ll help you verify who buys what you sell, how much they buy, and how often they buy. Money doesn’t start rolling in because you have a schedule. You still need to have the right marketing and sales strategies. Companies select RSM Federal because they know we’ll do it right. In addition, they get access to our award-winning products and programs at no additional cost.

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Modifications and Renewals

If you require assistance in making modifications to your schedule, adding products or services, economic price adjustments, or need help renewing your schedule for an option period, talk to us

Did You Get A Cancellation Letter From GSA?

Nothing is more frustrating than spending time and money on a schedule and then having GSA cancel your contract. 99% of the time a cancellation notice is due to a lack of GSA Schedule sales. Over the last two years, we’ve helped multiple companies overcome the cancellation and maintain their schedule. We have a 90% success rate. It simply requires a business strategy and a very specific response back to the contracting officer.  If you received a cancellation letter for your GSA Schedule, time is of the essence. Talk to us immediately.