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We care as much for our Client's business as we do our own and the proof is that our clients win contracts. Why do they win contracts? They win contracts because they understand the importance of continually educating themselves and learning how to accelerate their internal processes and sales efforts. They learn which techniques and strategies are best for their organization and they learn how to implement them. 


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You've seen it on countless websites - generic testimonials with little or no attribution. It's an issue of trust and most companies don't believe or trust the testimonials they read. At RSM Federal, every testimonial requires attribution for 1) the company we worked with, 2) the name of the senior executive we supported, and 3) the client's location.


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The Government Sales Manual (Printed)

Extraordinary and Instrumental for Entry Into Government Sales

Testimonial Datrose - RSM FederalDatrose engaged RSM Federal for a master government workshop and it was one of the best decisions we have made! The knowledge and education our team gained after only two days is extraordinary and has been instrumental to our entry in the government space. RSM Federal tailored the workshop to our business needs and the content they provided gave us advanced knowledge that would've taken dozens of seminars, tens of thousands of dollars, and years to gain. RSM Federal's workshop is a true value and provided our team with industry best practices and leading techniques that are invaluable tools to our entry in this market. I would highly recommend RSM Federal's workshop to any company, whether new to the government space or already serving this sector but looking for cutting edge strategies to propel your success!

Cheryl Leader, President and COO, Datrose, Webster, NY

Three (3) Government Contracts in Just Eight Months

Testimonial Marstrats - RSM FederalWhen I started my business in 2010, I was an expert in strategic marketing, with more than 35 years in the media industry. However, I didn't want to spend five years trying to figure out how to sell to the government. I hired RSM Federal to educate me; to help me understand how to position and communicate my core competencies; to graphically portray our offerings with associated services; and how to differentiate and build competitive advantage for both commercial and government proposals. In just eight months, RSM Federal's techniques, strategies, and expert understanding of the market helped my company close its first three contracts! I went from one person and a dream to seven team members, half a dozen partners, a contract with the State of North Carolina and a contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs. RSM Federal's expertise is refreshing. They are now a trusted partner!

Connie Risby, CEO, Marstrats Marketing Strategy Solutions, Saint Louis, MO

Brilliant. Highly Effective. A Trusted Partner.

Testimonial Tel Tec - RSM FederalTel-Tec has been trying to find the right consultant and leadership group that clearly understood the GSA Schedule process and working with the Government. After three years, we found them! After completing our initial process with GSA we were introduced to Joshua Frank at RSM Federal. He flew to our office and provide the master government workshop, spent three days walking us through the Government marketing and sales process while integrating our solutions and capabilities. As a result of our work with RSM Federal, we have a step-by-step roadmap and clearly understand the right processes to use and deploy in order to create business opportunities. How strong are RSM Federal's techniques and strategies? We already have more than half a dozen state and government contracts. Working with RSM Federal has made the difference between succeeding and failing in the government market.

Morgan Clayton, President, Tel-Tec Security Systems, Bakersfield, CA

Joshua Frank is a Master Strategist Who Delivers

Testimonial Technology Blue - RSM FederalUntil recently we struggled to connect the dots across the landscape of government contracting. For years, we had the foundation, the tools and the people, yet continued to find difficulty in leveraging our assets to make a real difference in our bottom line. We were referred to RSM Federal and purchased The Government Sales Manual and immediately started to connect the dots. We've now had RSM Federal on retainer for almost two years - they are that good! The manual showed us better ways to present ourselves, our information and our capabilities in ways that filled in the gaps we didn't know existed within our capabilities. This is the best business development investment we have made in a long time. And talk about customer service - we purchased a non-RSM Federal solution from another company. Working late one Friday evening, our system stopped working and the company that supported the system didn't answer their phones. Because of previous positive experiences, we called RSM Federal for recommendations on how to get our work done on a Friday night. Not only did RSM Federal answer the phone on the first ring at 6:30pm on a Friday evening, they gave us access to their own system so we could finish our work - and they didn't charge us a penny. It was more important that they take care of us than charge us for emergency use of their system. Phenomenal support!

Claye Greene, Managing Director, Technology Blue, Pittsburgh, PA

Thirteen (13) Government Contracts and Counting

Testimonial Tel Tec - RSM FederalAlthough RSM Federal has other clients, they consistently make me feel like I am their only client. RSM Federal consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that we receive everything we need to be successful and that includes designing the strategy that helped us win thirteen (13) GSA Schedule / CMAS Contracts since early 2012! It's as if they care about our business as much as they care about RSM Federal. We've been working with Joshua Frank for two years and he is more than merely a consultant - he has become a member of our team.

Leslie Kirkindoll, GSA Project Coordinator, Tel-Tec Security Systems, Bakersfield, CA

$2 Million Contract

Testimonial PSC - RSM FederalI'm a Senior Business Developer that supports USDA, HHS and Homeland security. The Government Sales Manual is the perfect tool for the seasoned business developer as well as those new to the game. The thousands of techniques, strategies and processes provides small and large businesses with a detailed roadmap to success as it shows you how to identify and present your core capabilities and differentiators, developing relationships, guidelines for Capability Statements and more. With the help of RSM Federal, we used only a fraction of the Manual and positioned our company for a $2 Million contract. Before getting this manual, we laughed at the idea that RSM Federal spent years designing it - not anymore.

Patricia Smith, Owner, Professional Services Consultants, Washington D.C.

From Hundreds of Consultants - Second To None!

Testimonial MDS - RSM FederalI have been a management consultant to the Government for 20 years and we have operated our management consulting firm for 10 years. As such, we know and have worked with well over a hundred consultants. As with any profession, most consultants are good, many are poor, and a few are excellent. Mr. Frank is among the excellent consultants! His understanding of contracting opportunities with the Federal Government is superior, and more importantly, his ability to educate and train clients on how to navigate and be successful is second to none!

Matt and Kirsten Dhillon, Owners, Dhillon Management Services, Los Angeles, CA

Highly Recommend!

Testimonial Elite IT Services - RSM FederalIf you are looking for a single resource that answers your questions on how to effectively sell to the Federal Market - you have to contact RSM Federal. For years I have been searching and piecing together individual pieces to the puzzle of Government Contracting through my own arduous research when I was referred to RSM Federal. The Government Sales Manual is the complete puzzle assembled in one location. I only wish that I had been introduced to RSM two years ago. It would have saved the company a lot of time, money, and research. RSM Federal indicates that the Manual is not meant to be read cover to cover - that it is designed as a desktop reference and it most certainly is! However, I strongly suggest reading it cover to cover - because you won't recognize how many valuable nuggets of information you're missing unless you hit ever page. Resources, techniques, and strategies are referenced via step-by-step processes and you can put these tools immediately into action. One of the most important tools for me are the sales strategies in the Federal Access program. It has provided me with a practical and thorough approach of marketing and penetrating any opportunity, commercial or government. If you are not a Business Developer at heart and those are the skills you need to hone - this is the manual for you. If you are a Business Developer - Federal Access offers an organized approach to reaching out to your prospective and current clients.

Sandi Hubert, Former President, Elite IT Services, St. Louis, MO

Invaluable and Awesome!

Testimonial Technology Blue - RSM FederalI have had the pleasure of working with Josh as both a colleague and as my mentor. Josh contributed greatly to my growth as a Business Developer and strengthened my confidence in all aspects of working with the federal government. I knew I had previously gained valuable knowledge but was not able to execute that knowledge to its full effect. RSM's The Government Sales Manual helped build my confidence to speak with high level government officials and the templates and resources in the Federal Access program provided awesome techniques and strategies for the "how to" questions I kept asking myself. These resources and Josh's extensive experience are invaluable resources for companies and sales professionals looking to grow within the government market.

Jessica Gressett, Business Development Manager, Technology Blue, Pittsburgh, PA

Comprehensive Strategy and Solid Growth

Testimonial - RSM FederalWe had tons of branding efforts, methodologies, and business development and sales strategies that we developed over the last few years. It wasn't until we purchased RSM Federal's The Government Sales Manual that we realized how to tie all of our efforts into a cohesive and comprehensive offering and corporate strategy. With the help of the information contained in the Manual, we have effectively combined seemingly disparate internal business objectives into a single and comprehensive branding/marketing, business development and sales strategy for our clients. Since integrating these strategies, we have experienced solid growth.

Romain Nowakowski, President, Titan Solutions & Consulting Inc., Ashburn, VA

We Highly Recommend RSM Federal

Testimonial Technology Partners - RSM FederalWe engaged RSM Federal to help us with a marketing and competency mapping project this year. We found RSM Federal to be very easy to work with. They gave us clear direction on the steps that we needed to take to achieve the greatest benefits. The Senior Associate assigned to us was very knowledgeable and responsive when we had questions. The results are going to be invaluable to us moving forward. It will allow us to focus the marketing of our capabilities when developing potential clients in both the commercial and Government markets. Overall, our experience was very positive and we would highly recommend them to any company looking to gain more insight into ways to better position themselves in the market.

Lisa Nichols, CEO, Technology Partners, Chesterfield, MO

Simply Outstanding

Testimonial AdRem - RSM FederalI have had many conversations with other companies regarding our Government requirements, but RSM Federal provided us with the most concise and useful information.

Patrick Birt, President, AdRem Systems Corporation, Reston, VA

Great Return On Investment

Testimonial J3 Consulting - RSM FederalI have known Joshua for several years. I found him to be consistently pleasant and very easy to work with. Joshua is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He is an extraordinary and outstanding professional. Joshua will add value to your organization.

Jeannie Jones, President and CEO, J3 Consulting, Washington D.C.

No Hesitation Recommending RSM Federal To Any Business

Testimonial Technology Partners - RSM FederalRSM Federal's knowledge of the market in addition to prospecting, marketing, sales, teaming, and proposal strategies are top notch! They excel at getting to know your business, identifying and building on its strengths and providing insight that will help you stand well above your competitors. The RSM Federal team is always available for questions and is never too busy to help. It is rare to find business professionals with such market knowledge AND who cares about the success your business as much as you do. For that reason I have no hesitation recommending RSM Federal to any business.

Beth Hansen, Client Manager, Technology Partners, Chesterfield, MO

Joshua Frank is one of the Best Account Executives I Have Ever Seen

Testimonial The Newberry Group - RSM Federal[...] Josh has an ability to lead that only comes from years of training and understanding how to motivate people at all levels. In my opinion, Joshua is one of the best I have ever seen. He receives my highest recommendation.

Rob Barrett, Senior Technical Recruiter, The Newberry Group, St. Louis, MO