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The Government Sales Manual

The Definitive Guide On Selling To The Government

Whether you are new to the Federal Market or been selling for 10 years, The Government Sales Manual is one of the most comprehensive resources on the market. Is is designed to help business owners and sales professionals accelerate their sales. This manual outlines, step-by-step, government contracting basics and how to win government contracts. With more than 1,000 techniques and strategies and 30 years of market expertise, it provides the award-winning strategies that have helped our clients win more than $13.5 Billion in government contracts.

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Government Sales Manual - Government Contracting Basics - RSM FederalNot Just Another Book on Government Contracting Basics

Have you exhausted your search on Amazon? You can buy hundreds of books on how to sell to the government and still struggle to figure out how to win. Not this manual. The foundation for RSM Federal’s products, programs, and services is this manual. The Government Sales Manual provides you with step-by-step strategies, that when followed, are guaranteed to help you win government contracts and increase revenue.

Strategies For Startup to Fortune 500

This manual provides value to the entrepreneur, small business, and large defense contractor. The Government Sales Manual outlines the required strategies to effectively market and sell to the federal government; includes government contracting basics as well as advanced strategies for startup, marketing, prospecting, sales, teaming, and proposals.

What You Get

Marketing, Sales, Teaming, and Proposal Strategies

Companies that are new to the federal market will learn what it takes to successfully market, position for, and win government contracts. Experienced government contractors will learn hundreds of advanced strategies to accelerate sales. Step-by-step strategies with templates include:

  • Government Contracts and Vehicles
  • Marketing, Branding, Differentiating, Shaping, and Positioning
  • Communicating Value and Competitive Advantage
  • Prospecting and Sales
  • Market Engagement
  • Teaming and Partners
  • Proposal Concepts and Strategies
  • Back-Office Operations

A Resource That Provides Real Value

The Government Sales Manual outlines every core concept that both small and large government contractors need to win government contracts. There are thousands of resources that provide government contracting basics, that tell you what you need to know. Very few explain how to apply what you learn. Our focus is breaking down the barriers to winning government contracts and accelerating your business by three to five years. How? By understanding the common mistakes and challenges that most companies face. The level of explanation and detail in the Government Sales Manual is unmatched with more than 450 pages of education, training, techniques, and strategies.

The Government Sales Manual Is Difficult To Put Down. . .

We tell our clients and Federal Access members that The Government Sales Manual is not meant to be read cover to cover. It’s designed for you to easily find the information and strategies you need, when you need them. It’s a desk-side reference. But, almost everyone that buys the manual ignores us, spending several days and nights reading it cover to cover. We often get emails at three in the morning asking questions about a specific technique or strategy. If this happens to you, we’ll email or call you back during business hours!


Most people that buy this manual later join the Federal Access platform. Federal Access includes hundreds of templates, strategies, and other resources, including The Government Sales Manual. Federal Access includes every business template you need for marketing, sales, teaming, proposal, and operations; a well as hundreds of on-demand webinars, training videos, and podcasts. The Government Sales Manual is the same cost as two months of Federal Access. If all you want is the manual, read no further. But if you’re not familiar with Federal Access, recommend you take a look before buying the manual.


  • Amazon
  • Edition: 10th (2021)
  • Pages: 350
  • ISBN: 978-1733600989

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About the Author

Joshua Frank is Managing Partner at RSM Federal.
Author, trainer, professional speaker, and business coach with 30 years in the government market,
Mr. Frank is a recognized authority on government sales and speaks nationally on business
acceleration. Mr. Frank specializes in the development and implementation of
tactics and strategies to accelerate a company’s government sales.

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