Game Changers For Government Contracts

Game Changers

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Insider Tips and Advice from the Industry’s Top Experts.

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Amazon #1 BestsellerGame Changers For Government Contractors

Insider Tips and Advice from the Industry’s Top Experts

Based on Episodes from the Nationally ranked #1 podcast Game Changers For Government Contractors.

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Contributing Authors

Michael LeJeune
RSM Federal


Matthew Schoonover
Koprince Law


Eric “Doc” Wright, PhD


Chris Bobbitt
Technical Assent


Jenny Clark


Joshua Frank
RSM Federal


Ashley Haass
The Daily Brief


Linda Rawson
DynaGrace Enterprises


Russ Barnes
Systro Solutions


Matt Miller
EMA, Inc.


Doug Reitmeyer
Government Construction Experts


Mark Amtower
Amtower & Company


Erin Andrew
Live Oak Bank


Tim Burt
Tim Burt Media


David Neal
David Neal Consulting


Mike McDermott


Rob Rosenberger


Judy Bradt
Summit Insight


Michael McNulty
McNulty and Associates


Carrie Ann Williams
Andana Consulting


Carroll Bernard


Michele Atkinson
Cavalry Consulting


Bellandra Foster
BBFoster Consulting


Kathleen Smith


Mario Burgos
Burgos Group


Steve Meredith
SW PA Commission


Jay McConville


Courtney Spaeth


Maria Panichelli
Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP