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Significant Effective Concepts

This workshop and government sales training is designed to give you the equivalent of an MBA level education on government procurements with the necessary education, training, techniques, strategies, and templates required to accelerate and win government contracts.


Every government sales training workshop is conducted onsite (or you can come to us) and is tailored to your company's requirements and solutions. 


The Master Series Government Workshop covers the full spectrum of activities required to succeed in government sales. This includes marketing, prospecting, business development, teaming, proposal development, and dozens of other subjects with hundreds of techniques and strategies.


Our government sales training workshop provides you with significant and effective concepts to engage the government market, influence the acquisition, and win contracts. You and / or your team's individual knowledge and collective expertise serve as the foundation. 


The workshop provides a synchronized, effective, and repeatable approach, tested and proven to deliver results. We offer workshops in a collaborative and hands-on setting to ensure that you and your team are doing the right activities to create value and increase revenue.


Most Valuable Government Sales Training We've Ever Received

We Learned More in TWO Days with RSM Federal than years with other well-respected and well-known experts. Joshua Frank and his team at RSM Federal are the real deal. If you want to win more government contracts, RSM Federal is the best I’ve ever seen.”  Click here for more testimonials
Stephanie Parson, President, Crowned Grace International


Customized For Your Business

When you register for our Master Series Workshop, we will ask you for specific areas of interest. It might be mentor protege, IDIQs, GSA Schedules, set-asides, certifications, teaming with larger primes, or a hundred other points of interest. We take your feedback and built it into the workshop. Unlike many workshops that are the same material, regardless of company, we tailor our government sales training specifically to your company, your solutions, your challenges, and your objectives.


No Limit On Number of Employees

The cost of the workshop is the same whether it's just the owner or ten employees. You select who you want to attend. Because the workshop is broken-down into modules, many companies will have their employees attend specific parts of the workshop. However, we strongly recommend that business developers, proposal managers, and executive leadership attend all sessions. From a business perspective, the strategies cross all business functions.


Significant, Effective, and Proven Concepts & Strategies

Ask any of our Clients and they will tell you they are successful because of how RSM Federal integrates advanced-level training and strategies into every engagement. When we are asked, "What is the most important thing we can do to win government contracts?" The answer is:

  • The ability to communicate the value of what you sell
  • How to differentiate from the competition
  • How to position your past performance / past contracts
  • 80% focus on pre-acquisition instead of only responding to FBO
  • Collecting information and intelligence to be more competitive; and
  • Techniques and step-by-step strategies to influence the acquisition

The Master Series Government Workshop is designed to provide basic and advanced strategies that most companies take three to five years to learn. We'll teach you everything you need to accelerate and start winning contracts.


Post Workshop Action Plan

The last two hours of the workshop is spent on the whiteboard. Throughout the workshop, we're capturing various activities and requirements. These will include marketing, prospecting, sales, teaming, proposal, and back-office operations. We will list all activities by date and outline priorities. This provides you with a simple and detailed action plan and the confidence to implement it.


"The Professor" of Government Sales

I can honestly say that Joshua Frank is the "The Professor" of government sales. The value he provides and the return is "YUGE.” It's an inspiring combination of government and business acumen. There is no question that RSM Federal can help accelerate your revenue.  Click here for more testimonials
Terry Imergoot, VP Sales, Inc. 500 Company

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