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Getting government contracts requires education, training, tactics and strategies, and a solid sales action plan. Getting government contracts is making sure that you target the right government agencies, properly communicate your value, and understand the intricacies of the government procurement process.

Whether you need a second opinion, insights on how to market to a specific agency, or assistance in developing a tailored marketing and sales strategy, RSM Federal’s mission is to educate you on the market, improve your engagement, help you take advantage of qualified opportunities, and win federal government contracts. 

RSM Federal has a highly successful and proven track-record of helping small, mid-sized, and large companies influence government procurements. Nationally recognized, we have a wide range of award-winning resources, programs, and services. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business, or a $500 Million corporation, we have the expertise to help you grow your business.


Most Valuable Coaching Engagement We’ve Ever Had

We Learned More in TWO Days with RSM Federal than years with other well-respected and well-known experts. Joshua Frank and his team at RSM Federal are the real deal. If you want to win more government contracts, RSM Federal is the best I’ve ever seen.”  Click here for more testimonials
Stephanie Parson, President, Crowned Grace International

3 Programs

RSM Federal delivers three programs: group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and corporate consulting. Whether you are new to government sales, a small or large business that wants to accelerate revenue, or you want dedicated support for your entire sales team, RSM Federal is ready to help accelerate your objectives.

ADVISOR Executive Group Coaching – $249 / Mo

Winning government contracts is not easy. The  ADVISOR Program is designed to help you make more effective decisions to consistently and successfully win government contracts. ADVISOR provides executive group coaching to established and new companies and that are new to government sales (first 1 to 3 years). At the core, this program focuses on tactics and step-by-step strategies to level-up your business and accelerate your revenue growth in the government market. Led by award-winning experts, you have weekly access to RSM Federal’s team of experts as well as other industry SMEs. The program includes:


Executive Group Coaching Program
Inner Circle 4 interactive live strategy sessions per month
The Vault 1 Account
100+ templates, 200+ strategy guides, 130+ training videos, for marketing, sales, bids, and company operations
Ask an Expert 24/7 members-only email – any question, any topic on government sales
Commitment No commitment – Advisor is month to month with annual discount

FASTTRACK One-on-One Coaching – $2,995 / Mo

Do you want to keep spinning your wheels or are you ready to get the strategy and support you need to grow and scale your government business? RSM Federal’s FASTTRACK Program is a personalized executive coaching program that will transform your business. Your dedicated coach is an expert in both government procurements and business operations. Using advanced tactics and strategies, your coach will help you optimize how you position in the market in order to accelerate revenue.


FastTrack is designed for companies that are ready to take an aggressive approach to growing their government contract business. Our clients don’t want to take years to “figure it out.” They want to master the “Art and Science of Government Sales” in six to twelve months. This coaching track starts with a deep-dive assessment of your business. Prior to your first call, we conduct a comprehensive review of your company so that your coach understands your business. There are $14.6 billion reasons to work with an RSM Federal coach. Take your business to the next level. The program includes:


Executive One-on-One Coaching Program
Dedicated Coach Tailored tactics and strategies specific to your company
Strategy Sessions 2 one-hour strategy sessions per month
Inner Circle 4 interactive live strategy sessions per month
The Vault 2 Accounts
100+ templates, 200+ strategy guides, 130+ training videos, for marketing, sales, bids, and company operations
Unlimited Access Unlimited email and phone support
Commitment 6 month engagement

PRIME Corporate Consulting – $10,000 / Mo

PRIME is comprehensive and time-intensive. Ideal candidates are large corporations or highly aggressive mid-sized companies with rock-solid business operations. PRIME clients already have success in the commercial or federal markets, but have plateaued and require fresh guidance and support. Over the past 24 months, RSM Federal has worked with half a dozen Fortune corporations with an emphasis on Value-Mapping to more strongly communicate past performance and value; and strengthening the sales process by shifting corporate and subsidiary business development from a focus on acquisition phase to pre-acquisition phase with application of new tactics and strategies.


PRIME provides the most comprehensive and time intensive level of support with maximum access to your principal consultant. The program includes:


Prime Consulting Engagements
Dedicated Consultant Tailored tactics and strategies specific to your company provided by an RSM Federal principal consultant with a minimum of 25 years in Public Sector
Strategy Sessions Deep dive assessment
3 one-hour strategy sessions per month;
1 strategic planning session per quarter
KPIs KPI development, tracking, and review 
Value-Mapping RSM Federal’s award-winning strategy for communicating and differentiating your company’s past performance
Inner Circle 4 interactive live strategy sessions per month
The Vault 3 Accounts
100+ templates, 200+ strategy guides, 130+ training videos, for marketing, sales, bids, and company operations
Unlimited Access Unlimited email and phone support
FOIA RSM Federal submits FOIAs on behalf of your company
Commitment 12 month engagement


Strategies to Win Federal Government Contracts 

What makes RSM Federal unique is that you get every resource that we offer when we provide coaching and consulting services. You automatically receive The Government Sales Manual, access to the award-winning Federal Acess Knowledge-Base, and every template and step-by-step strategy you need to accelerate and win federal government contracts. You will have complete and total access to every resource we have at no additional cost.


Most companies can communicate and market the capabilities of their products or services. Fewer companies are able to communicate value. Only a small percentage can map their value with their customer’s challenges, requirements, and objectives. If you currently support or want to sell to the Department of Defense, State and Local, or Federal Agencies, standing out from the thousands of other businesses is a process more critical than the products you sell or the services you provide.


Significant, Effective, and Proven Concepts & Strategies

Ask any of our Clients and they will tell you they are successful because of how RSM Federal integrates advanced-level training and strategies into every product, program, and service. When we are asked, “What is the most important thing we can do to win government contracts?” The answer is:

  • The ability to communicate the value of what you sell
  • How to differentiate from the competition
  • How to position your past performance / past contracts
  • 80% focus during pre-acquisition
  • Collecting information and intelligence to be more competitive; and
  • Techniques and step-by-step strategies to influence the acquisition

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