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Corporate Off-Site Engagements | RSM Federal

It’s Your Vision. Let Us Drive It Home.

RSM Federal’s expertise is bridging government strategy with business strategy. We’ve supported dozens of corporate off-sites. Most of these engagements have been companies that have grown beyond their small business status; must now operate without socio-economic advantages; and compete full-and-open.


Company growth takes vision. It takes change. You have a vision of what is required and it will change how you engage the market. It will change how you operate. When CEOs call us, they often say, “We need to transition how we do business. But I need my management team to hear it from someone outside the company! And, we need recommendations on how small businesses successfully transition into a mid-market company.”


What type of corporate situations have we supported?

  • Corporate growth moves company into mid-market
  • New CEO taking over company
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) – Integrating management functions
  • Annual leadership and corporate off-sites

Ready to Supercharge Your Offsite?


If you’re not sure when you’ll hold a corporate-offsite
– or –
you’re in the planning stages, let’s talk.


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Tailored To Your Company

Before arriving onsite, we hold a conference call to discuss direction, focus, objectives, challenges, and desires. Every corporate off-site engagement is scheduled for between two and four hours, depending on vision and objectives. We recommend our session be on the morning of the second day. Why? First, most corporate off-sites are two days. Second, as the CEO, you want the first day to outline your vision and engage your management team. This allows us to arrive the next morning and hammer-home the your points while simultaneously providing inspiring tactics and strategies to augment your vision.


CEOs look to RSM Federal in supporting their ‘points’ and ‘direction,” so that their management team and employees have validation of direction from both inside and outside the organization. Once this call is completed, we develop a tailored session that often focuses on relationships, teaming, organizational change, changes in process, changes to accountability, and changes to overall organization and management. Our support is high-energy, thought-provoking, and focuses heavily on business strategy.