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When you attend an RSM Federal training workshop, you learn in two days what takes most companies three to five years.


Our workshops are the gold standard in education, training, and strategy. You walk away with improved vision and strategies for immediate impact.


RSM Federal's Master Series Government Workshops are designed for any size business.


Whether you're a small or large company, the RSM Federal team will help transform your marketing and business development. Learn more about RSM Federal's workshops here.


Government Sales Manual - How To Win Government Contracts - RSM Federal

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The Government Sales Manual (Printed)

The Most Valuable Training We've Ever Received For Government Sales

Testimonial Datrose - RSM FederalWe Learned More in TWO Days with RSM Federal than years with other well-respected and well-known experts.

“We are a multi-million dollar business that wants to continue to grow in government sales and private sector sales. Originally, we reached out to RSM Federal without a complete understanding of their total solution. WOW – we should have done this . . . ten years ago! RSM Federal provided foundational information, subject matter expertise, candid discussion and feedback, strategies, templates and actionable work to move our company to the next level. If you’ve not reached out to RSM Federal, do it now! RSM’s expertise includes a fundamental program all businesses desiring to do business with the government (and the private sector) should take their leadership team through at least once a year.

A better term would be “Total Solution!” RSM Federal’s Total Solution included a two-day strategic session for my leadership team and access to the Federal Access (FA) program. There are so many workshops given by many of the industry’s top experts to assist business owners in taking their business to the next level and I’ve attended many over the years. And in all cases found a couple of actionable items which could help the business grow. And over the years, like many other companies, I’ve also had several business development consulting firms working with us to assist in taking our business to the next level. What I’ve discovered is that an investment with RSM Federal is: 1/3rd the cost and the ROI …. “∞ and beyond!”

Whoa! After the 1st day, we immediately began to make adjustments to the way we conduct business. The actionable steps we could take … immediately … is what most impressed me as a leader of a growing company and why I’m suggesting you not wait to go through this program. The immediate value we received, specifically tailored for our company, was actionable, jaw dropping and inspiring! No, not all consultants, advisors or business coaches are the same! We learned more in two days with RSM Federal than years with other well-respected and well-known experts. RSM Federal’s approach and strategies are a true paradigm-shift. They are not like the other consulting firms which most business owners engage. Not only did we receive the most valuable training we’ve ever received for government sales (in two days!), but we were also given access to hundreds of business templates and resources (via the FA Program) which will allow us to successfully execute what we learned.

Joshua Frank and his team at RSM Federal are the real deal. If you want to win more government contracts, RSM Federal is the best I’ve ever seen.”

Stephanie Parson, PhD, President, Crowned Grace International, Lanham, MD