RSM Capital Group Launches Veteran Warehouse Supply

Veteran Warehouse Supply
American Made. American Strong.

In September 2020, RSM Capital Group added Veteran Warehouse Supply as the newest operating division to its portfolio of companies. RSM Federal and Federal Access, the first two business divisions, are Business2Business (B2B) and help other companies win government contracts. Veteran Warehouse Supply (VWS) adds Business2Government (B2G) as a third operating division. 

RSM Federal’s strong growth in 2020 culminated with standing-up a new operating division. In mid-September, we launched Veteran Warehouse Supply (VWS) for selling textiles, electrical, and industrial products. Two weeks after initiating operations, we were awarded an $82,000 contract for electrical supplies with the Department of Veterans Affairs in South Carolina. Since then, we’ve won another half-a-dozen contracts.

Veteran Warehouse Supply operates separately from RSM Federal. For more information, please visit:

Website –
Phone – (888) 384-3451 ext. 2