RSM Federal Launches New Website

RSM Federal is a federal consulting and business strategy firm that provides companies with the templates, processes, and strategies for winning government contracts. We’re pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website, rebranded with trademarked logos, a client portal, and updates to all products, programs, and services.

Over the last twelve months, RSM Federal has rebranded with a new logo, and signed multiple partnership and strategic alliance agreements.

RSM Federal Awarded National Small Business Advocate of the Year

Joshua Frank, managing partner for RSM Federal, was awarded the 2017 Industry Small Business Advocate of the Year in Pittsburgh, PA at the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) annual 2017 Annual Small Business Conference.

RSM Federal Award

St. Louis based RSM Federal’s Joshua Frank Named 2017 Small Business Advocate of the Year

SAME’s membership is comprised of 30,000 professionals representing the uniformed services as well as numerous state, local and federal government agencies, nonprofit associations, academic institutions, and government contractors – all working to guide the future of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction profession and its contributions to the protection of our nation.

Competitively awarded, this award recognizes an individual from industry who has been an outstanding spokesperson and advocate for small business. “Josh has had an impressive impact on small businesses, directly responsible for more than 10,000 new jobs across the country over the last five years,” says Patricia Bonillia, Chair of the SAME Small Business Council and President of Lunacon Construction Group, Corp. “Josh has committed significant time to supporting small businesses as well as providing free training to help small businesses grow and improve.”

“This award is significant because SAME is the one of the strongest associations in the nation for government contractors,” stated Joshua Frank, Founder and Managing Partner of RSM Federal. “I’ve supported half a dozen national level events for SAME and trained thousands of business owners and government contractors. It’s truly an honor to be recognized as a leading small business advocate and management consultant in the Public Sector.”

“If you’ve never had the opportunity to connect with Josh or the RSM Federal team, I can honestly say he is “The Professor” of government sales and how to position in the federal market,” says Terry Imergoot at NVision IT. “Josh provides an inspiring combination of government and business acumen with an innate understanding of how a specific company and its products and services must be positioned and marketed to accelerate or increase market entry. Josh and his team are one of a kind.”

RSM Federal Award

Joshua Frank receiving National Award at SAME Small Business Conference

RSM Federal provides companies with products, services, and programs designed to help companies find and win more government contracts. Unlike bid-matching systems and services that are only geared at finding opportunities, RSM Federal’s flagship program, the Federal Access Program, teaches companies how to differentiate, position for, communicate competitive advantage, and win new government contracts. Federal Access (FA) has been highly successful with more than $1.8 Billion in contract wins for FA Members. Federal Access’ success is due to being one of the few services in the market that teaches companies how to engage opportunities with step-by-step techniques and strategies. As a result, in addition to this award, RSM Federal was also awarded the 2016 Veteran Owned Business of the Year by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

RSM Federal, founded in St. Louis in 2008, is a federal business development and strategic marketing firm that represents businesses in order to educate, accelerate, and maximize revenue. Our firm develops and executes, in concert with our clients and members, an aggregated education, sales, and marketing strategy to achieve corporate funding and revenue objectives. We support clients, both private and public sector, with comprehensive and professional services to better understand and exploit government opportunities.

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Technical Assent Wins VECTOR MATOC with Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans AffairsRSM Federal joined Technical Assent’s team during pre-acquisition for the Department of Veterans Affairs VECTOR (Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operational Readiness) contract.

In September 2017, Veterans Affairs notified Technical Assent that it was one of 74 awardees. This is the third government contract RSM Federal has supported with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

RSM Federal – Federal Access 2.0

Federal Access Program

RSM Federal, a federal consulting firm, announces the release of Federal Access (FA) 2.0. Federal Access is an award-winning sales and training program for government contractors. With several hundred resources, FA is the most comprehensive business resource available for companies that engage or plan to engage in government contracting. Initially launched in October 2014, Federal Access Members have won more than $1.6 Billion in government contracts.

“FA provides access to every tool and resource a company needs to successfully win government contracts. It’s important to note that Federal Access is not a bid-matching system. FA picks up where bid-matching systems stop,” says Michael LeJeune, Program Manager for Federal Access. “Bid-matching systems are an important service, but they are only part of the solution. It’s like stepping into the batter’s box without a bat. There are hundreds of bid-matching systems on the market so finding an opportunity is the easy part. The hard part is understanding what it takes to win these opportunities – and that is the primary objective of Federal Access, to provide companies with the techniques and strategies necessary to accelerate their government sales.”

Federal Access 2.0 introduces a re-design for how contractors approach government sales by focusing on 6 business modules (activities) and the techniques and strategies every company needs to position for and win contracts. Each business module starts with an introduction video to outline priorities as well as the key documents, templates, graphics, videos, and resources that companies must master to accelerate their government sales. The 6 business modules include: The Foundation, Marketing, Sales, Teaming, Proposal, and Operations. Federal Access also includes live webinars with government experts, on-demand webinars, training videos, weekly training and market updates, the weekly Federal Game Changers Podcast, and Member services for support by government experts (SMEs).

“One of the most powerful aspects of FA 2.0 is how intuitive it is. Whether you’ve been selling to the government for a week or ten years, we’ve organized the resources and templates so that companies will know exactly where to find the documents, templates, techniques, and strategies they need to consistently win government contracts and accelerate revenue,” says Joshua Frank, Managing Partner. “As an example, one of our Members called to thank us for a strategy they studied in The Government Sales Manual that helped them win 8 contracts in four months, worth $45 Million.

Federal Access was designed to be the most comprehensive and cost-effect solution on the market. Federal Access 2.0 was designed to help Members accelerate their knowledge of the government market and most importantly, quickly apply what they have learned. Federal Access Members have a higher success rate than with other solutions and the FA Program is one of the reasons the SBA awarded RSM Federal the Veteran Business of the Year award in 2016.

A better term would be “Total Solution!” says Stephanie Parson, President of Crowned Grace International. “What I’ve discovered is that an investment with RSM Federal is one third the cost… No, not all consultants, advisors or business coaches are the same! We learned more in two days with RSM Federal than years with other well-respected and well-known experts. RSM Federal’s approach and strategies are a true paradigm-shift. They are not like the other consulting firms which most business owners engage. Not only did we receive the most valuable training we’ve ever received for government sales, but we were given access to hundreds of government business templates and resources (via the Federal Access Program) which will allow us to successfully execute what we learned… RSM Federal is the real deal. If you want to win more government contracts, RSM Federal and the Federal Access Program is the best I’ve ever seen.”

Federal Access, a solution of RSM Federal, is also marketed and sold through affiliate and strategic partnerships. We ask that B2B government consulting and data analytic firms looking to partner with or promote FA, please contact us.

Additionally, the 2.0 version of Federal Access (corporate and advisor levels) now includes a copy of The Government Sales Manual.  The Government Sales Manual consists of 450+ pages, 25 years of industry best practices, over 1,000 techniques and strategies, and is developed for businesses from start-up to $50 million in annual revenue.

To learn more about Federal Access, visit the Federal Access Program.


RSM Federal, founded in St. Louis in 2008, is a federal consulting and business acceleration strategy firm that helps companies win government contracts, with exceptional results. RSM Federal develops and executes, in concert with our Clients and Members, aggregated education, sales, and marketing strategies to achieve corporate funding and revenue objectives. We support clients, both private and public sector, with comprehensive and professional services to better understand and exploit government and commercial opportunities.

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